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Adobes are the iconic image of New Mexico. You cannot experience the real New Mexico unless you spend a night in an adobe. To be in an adobe with countless stars overhead at night, surrounded by the perfume of pinon smoke and the warmth of a kiva fireplace is true New Mexico.  Every adobe is unique, but to really appreciate adobes and what adobes represent one needs to travel the back roads to the small villages and small farms and ranches. There the adobes were built by ranchers, sheepherders, farmers, or settlers living difficult lives, using locally available materials and traditional methods for a simple, practical purpose--survival.  Rustic, never perfect, often run-down and melting back into the earth from which they came.  Adobes are the soul and heritage of New Mexico and are therefore the ideal subject for the artist. I spent my early years in adobes and feel a warm kinship with them and paint them with reverence hoping to create a treasured memento of the Land of Enchantment.

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